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ReadEasy Evolve MAX

ReadEasy Evolve MAX is a new advanced standalone reading machine by Visionaid International Ltd. It is the only standalone reading system in the world capable of capturing up to A3 sized documents.

Based on its predecessor the ReadEasy Evolve the ReadEasy Evolve MAX boasts some exciting new features!

With the push of a single button the ReadEasy Evolve MAX captures printed text and within seconds, begins reading it out loud. Its new 18MP camera provides a high-quality image. Built in IntelliCapture software prevents image capturing when a document is in motion. Together this technology ensures all captured text is crisp and clear and therefore allows the most accurate text-to-speech. Newspapers, letters, books, recipes, product packaging and more are all read with ease.

It has its own unique automatic table detection, allowing complete table navigation with heading detection. Easily navigate bank statements, timetables etc. and understand the data within them.

Built-in document cropping software means that the ReadEasy Evolve MAX disregards any background interference, such as wooden or patterned surfaces where your document is placed, its sole focus is the captured document.

It is easily transported so can be used around the home or taken with you on holiday, all you require is a mains power connection and you're good to go! 

If you do require a fully portable solution, the ReadEasy Evolve ECO has a battery option alongside A4 capture.


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