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ReadEasy Evolve ECO

ReadEasy Evolve ECO is a new advanced standalone reading machine capable of capturing A4 (letter) sized documents by Visionaid International Ltd.

Based on its predecessor the ReadEasy Evolve, the ReadEasy Evolve ECO boasts some exciting new features!

With the push of a single button the ReadEasy Evolve ECO photographs printed text and within seconds, begins reading it out loud. Its 13MP camera provides a high quality image, while IntelliCapture software prevents image capture when the document is in motion. These work together to ensure the text on your captured document is crisp and clear, offering accurate text to speech. Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging and more are all read with ease.

With improved document cropping software you can be sure that the ReadEasy Evolve ECO will disregard any background interference, such as wooden or patterned surfaces where your document is placed. Its focus stays on the captured document.

It is more energy efficient than its predecessor; only using a quarter of the power. 

Coming soon is a battery option. This will make the ECO more portable than ever before meaning you can use your device anywhere. 

If you require a device with a larger, A3 capture area, its big brother ReadEasy Evolve MAX has you covered!


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