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Victor Reader Stream 2 – Audio tutorial

Take full advantage of the HumanWare companion software with your Stream 2

This 8-hour audio (SD) tutorial by Mystic Access will make you discover all that you can do with your New Generation Victor Reader Stream.



This is a comprehensive audio tutorial on the Humanware Victor Reader Stream 2. At over eight hours and ten minutes in duration, it will support you in:

  • Becoming thoroughly oriented with the Stream's interface, as well as getting familiar with the functions of each key
  • Exploring and navigating each online and offline bookshelf in detail
  • Authorizing, downloading and navigating Audible content on your Stream's Audible bookshelf
  • Creating, using and deleting bookmarks
  • Date, time and sleep features and settings
  • Key describer mode
  • Using the built-in user guide
  • Using the multi-tap text entry method to conduct text searches
  • Configuring and using wireless connections

Also available on download at $59. Please call 1 800 722-3393.

In the "Online Bookshelves" portion of this tutorial, each section thoroughly explores the specifics of an individual shelf. Discover all about how to navigate and enjoy using the following features directly on your Stream without the need for connecting to your computer:

  • Internet radio
  • NLS Bard service
  • Bookshare
  • Podcasts
  • Wikipedia / Wiktionary

Discover the ease and convenience of using the HumanWare Companion software with your Stream.
Part Four of the tutorial is specifically devoted to the HumanWare companion software. Whether you've always wanted to learn to use this program in conjunction with your Stream, or are just now discovering the Companion and how it may enhance your personal Stream experience, this section examines the many benefits and conveniences of this software tool.

Still more to enjoy
In addition to these benefits, you'll also learn:

  • Two ways to reset your Stream if trouble arises
  • How to use your Stream with Bluetooth devices and external speakers
  • How to change the firmware in order to enjoy different text to speech voices on your stream
  • How to use thumb drives and NLS cartridges with your Stream
  • An easy way to conserve your stream's battery life
  • Much more

When learning is not enough
Mystic Access realizes that sometimes the act of learning your assistive technology is not enough. We know that you may also be in need of discovering self-empowerment for your journey. That's why we include our inspiring "Encouragement Corner" and "Now It's Your Turn" sections. These allow you to build self-confidence and self-motivation, and become more proactive in the use of your assistive technology. We want you to enjoy your learning adventure, and these portions of the tutorial will hopefully make doing so easier and more fun. Please scroll down to the "Attachments" heading, where you can listen to this tutorial's full introduction and table of contents.

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