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PIAF tactile embosser

Pictures in a flash tactile graphic maker

PIAF translates images into simple or complex tactile concepts like clockwork. Used in a variety of educational, professional and personal settings, it offers you a simple way to prepare tactile graphics, embossing any black lines, letters or shapes that are drawn or printed.


Pictures in a Flash is an excellent tool for creating simple graphs, maps, drawings of any kind. It's a must have device if you are working with braille readers in an educational setting!

Belinda, United States

How does this product change your life?

By using heat-sensitive capsule paper, PIAF produces tactile graphics that will help you learn new environments and engage in more activities. Draw, print or photocopy images on bubble wrap and enjoy the results in seconds! It opens the door to a vast world of graphic information, including geography, math, science, and many other areas.

You can learn to express yourself graphically, recognize handwriting, access images, create chessboards, review flowcharts, and explore world maps. PIAF is your choice of tactile graphics creator that helps you see a bigger picture with the flick of a finger.


Functional specifications
  • Handles paper sizes up to A3 (11x17 inches)
  • Fast operation
  • Audio indication: a beep lets you know when to insert the next sheet
  • Special circuit to extend heater life
  • Energy-efficient and quiet
  • Easy handling: strong, easy-grip handle and fold-down paper trays
  • Comprehensive safety features


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