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Hark Reader – with pre-installed battery

The wonder of the new Hark Reader is how fast and accurately it will turn printed text into speech with the latest selection of natural human sounding voices. Ready to use out of the box, simply place a document on the surface of Hark Reader and it will instantly start reading! No buttons to press, no fuss, just sit back and enjoy reading

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My husband suffers from severe glaucoma, with complete sight loss in one eye. After struggling with electronic magnifiers, we bought a Hark Reader following a demo from HumanWare. It's been transformative. He now reads all his mail, newspapers, and even completed a book unaided. Thanks to the HumanWare team for arranging prompt delivery.

Verity, United Kingdom

How does this product change your life?

Hark Reader turns printed text into speech immediately by placing a letter, book, magazine, newspaper article, medicine box, food packaging, or any printed text on the surface of the Hark Reader and within a couple of seconds, the text will be read aloud. To stop reading, remove the document from the surface and Hark Reader is automatically ready for the next item you want to read. It really is that simple.

Hark Reader can be used anywhere. Its’ sleek compact and folding design means it can be easily stored or moved. The optional keypad enables advanced navigation through the document backward and forwards either by character, word, sentence or paragraph. 


Functional specifications
  • Sleek, portable, foldable design
  • Reads Automatically
  • Choice of regional languages
  • Hand motion activation
  • Headphone Socket
  • One button to pause/resume reading
  • One button to move back by sentence
  • Increase/decrease reading speed
  • Optional keypad
  • Multiple languages available
  • USB (for external storage)
Physical specifications
  • Dimensions: L 33 cm, W 26 cm
  • Height unfolded 29 cm, folded 5 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg


2-year warranty

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