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Connect 12 electronic magnifier (new gen.) distance viewing 25X

Connect 12 electronic magnifier (new gen.) distance viewing 25X

Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2017):
I am always researching new technology for my teenage son to make his life easier. I came across the Prodigi Connect on Pinterest of all places. My husband and I borrowed the money for this piece of technology for our son a few months ago. My sons life has changed drastically since he got his hands on it. Before he had to push a large cart from classroom to classroom with a huge CCTV, a laptop and keyboard along with his personal iPad for extra assistance. Now he carries a backpack with this piece of equipment in it. My son can now leave class with his friends which has given him more opportunity for a social life instead of missing the end of one class or the begging of another class because he had to leave earlier than everyone else to manage getting through the hallways with the cart. His independence has hugely improved along with his confidence. I am thankful for this technology and humanware for putting it on the market. Thank You!
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