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Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Product Review (submitted on July 4, 2016):
My name is Jorge A. Gispert, a resident of Coral Gables, Florida, visually impaired and, for that reason, a user of several of the HumanWare products. However, I understand that by making reference to my achievements with only one of them would not do fair justice to the complete HumanWare’s line of products. I’m totally blind so, by default, all products designed for low vision are ruled-out for my use and therefore only reference to the Victor Readers line is made herein. For years, (I forget how many) I used one of the old Victor Readers to read books downloaded from NLS BARD to my computer and subsequently transferred via SD cards or USB flash memories to the unit. In this way, I could read books and other materials relevant to my career as well as personal information. This unit is now retired, though operational as a back-up. I am also semi-retired after many years of law practice with the aid of the HumanWare units cited herein. Later on, the Victor Reader Stratus became available. I also got one. This unit, is now placed by my bedside for reading before going to sleep. This unit gives me the flexibility of using USB flash memories and SD cards simultaneously with a much clearer sound, speed control and navigating features, etc. But then came the fantastic Victor Reader New Generation. I immediately got one. Needless to mention the numerous features and advantages. That came with it and those which keep being added from time-to-time. I read newspapers and magazines from NFB, listen to internet radio, download books from NLS BARD directly to its internal memory, record internet radio programs and transfer books that I have saved in my computer and even search topics and read documents with its text-to-speech feature. In conclusion, rather than making reference to my achievements today, such as being up-to-date in news and reading materials, I wish to retrospectively cite all the benefits I would have had during my school and university years by using any of these pieces of equipment for the daily reading of extensive, and I mean really extensive reading requirements in Law School. I sincerely envy those students and professionals who, today, benefit in such manner and how much easier these products make it for them. In support of this statement, I wish to mention that I went to Law School back in 1974 and the equipment available those days was a bulky cassette player-recorder with the limitations of recording in small tapes and wasting lots of time in fast-forwarding and rewinding the tapes to replay or locate material. What a difference it would have made and how much additional time for studying I would have had and how much effort I would have saved by using a small VR New Generation and instantly jumping from chapter to chapter, repeating or jumping back and forth phrases or selected time spans and topics and even record lectures with the touch of one key!! Thank you for continuously improving your equipment with new features.
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