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Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Product Review (submitted on June 23, 2016):
Humanware is probably one of the best companies I have heard of for providing assistive technology to the visually impaired. I recently was lucky enough to become in possession of the new victor reader stream digital talking player. I must say that this player is the best talking book player I have owned by far. I am a person who loves a good book although, because of my visual impairment and disability it is difficult for me to read no less turn a page in a physical book. This player is so versatile and compact that I use it practically 24 hours a day. Honestly, I use it for a majority of what I do. Because of this player I have been able to listen to more books than ever before. I probably listen to between two and three books a week. The ability to download books directly over Wi-Fi is amazing. I?m actually a college student and I recently was able to obtain some of my college books for free via learning Ally and other sources such as Bookshare, bard, and finally but not least, Even more beneficial I have been able to obtain a few necessary books for school that we have had to pay for via these services. In other words, while waiting for the physical textbooks to arrive locally I have been able to download copies of necessary books via services offered. This player definitely has allowed me to complete my work in a timelier manner. A few semesters ago instead of sitting at my computer to write a paper for my online religion course I ended up using the record feature on the player to record my entire paper while sitting on my deck in my backyard. Then I had my computer translate the audio file into a written format. To my surprise my paper ended up being 15 pages long and even more impressive after translating audio file into a Word document the word document had very few grammatical and or spelling errors. In my opinion, it would have taken me longer to dictate on my computer using my speech recognition and microphone to write my paper. It is truly amazing what you can do with this player. For my last class we had to obtain certain readings and scriptures from the Bible that I was able to record directly from the computer using an audio cable. This feature that the player offers allowed me to listen to the Bible readings that were required for class with ease and once again I was not confined to one space. I have even use this player taking a ride in my van with my family. Perhaps my favorite feature of this player is it?s size and compactness. I love the fact that I can lay in my bed and have my player next to me. In the past other players I have used have been bulky and somewhat of a hassle to use. Humanware is a great company and I would recommend their products to anyone with a visual impairment or disability.
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