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Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Product Review (submitted on June 23, 2016):
Our truck made funny noises occasionally and my husband was concerned it was something serious. Of course, when we took it to the mechanic it was a quiet, well-behaved truck! Then back on the road, it started making the noise again; a banging, rattling, grinding sound that indicated something was loose. I always carry my stream in my purse, and I pulled it out and recorded the noise. Back we went to the mechanic, where of course, the truck was quiet again. The mechanic said nothing was wrong. But I plugged my stream in to the truck's stereo and played the noise for him; He immediately diagnosed a problem with the fan belt, repaired it within the hour, and gave us a discount because he had made a mistake. The problem has not recurred in four years!
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