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Brailliant 80 braille display

Brailliant 80 braille display

Product Review (submitted on March 30, 2016):
Brailliant is the best! The Brailliant isn't only for the younger generation, but for all of us. I wish the Brailliant was around when I was at school. Taking notes is a breeze, the keys are easy to press and it is very quiet. The Brailliant is Very light, fits into a back pack easily.

I found the Brailliant easy to pair with my i-phone, and Mac mini. I have also paired it with my friends i-pads. You can also use your Brailliant with windows machines too with a screen reader, NVDA works well.

Technology can be a bit daunting for some of us older people who didn't grow up with it but, don't worry! When you buy your Brailliant, the staff at HumanWare are extremely helpful.

My first Brailliant was a 40 cell, great for when you are reading aloud as I do quite often. The 32 cell Brailliant was on special, it is slightly smaller, and easier to carry in handbags or small backpacks. Great! for out and about, You can text, look up information or read in private. Most handy when you are sitting on the bus. Many times on the bus I get asked, "What are you doing with that thing!" I just say, "Technology has made it possible for blind people to read the same information as they do."

Why do I have two Braille displays? The 40 cell for upstairs on my Mac, and the 32 cell downstairs. I use them both every day, I don't get it when listening to speech, but Braille sinks in.

In my dreams, I wish the Brailliant was waterproof so I could sit down the beach and read all day but since it's not I am so glad we have heaps of information at our fingertips.
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