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BrailleNote Touch 32 braille notetaker / tablet

BrailleNote Touch 32 braille notetaker / tablet

Product Review (submitted on July 4, 2016):
Thirty-one days have passed since the initial kickoff of the Braillenote Touch, and it has already strongly impacted those who have it or are considering getting it. I’ve been using mine for eleven days, and I can already say that it is the new wave of the future for assistive braille devices. I've been a Braillenote user since 2006, going through an mPower and an Apex, and now the Touch. All three of these devices have positively impacted my productivity and on the go usage. They all have high quality braille and speech, the Apex could do Nemeth which will be carried over to the touch, and so much more! The Touch, however, will completely bridge the gap between assistive technology and mainstream technology. It has allowed me to use internet, email and calendars more efficiently, with instant synchronization. One of the most game-changing revolutions is TouchBraille! With my school using iPads, I will no longer be the only one click-clacking on the keyboard. This way I can type completely silently, while still just as efficient as using a keyboard. The keyboard cover is there when I need it, for example when using GPS outdoors while walking. While we're on the subject of typing, let's talk about documents. Particularly the ones written in the now mainstream word processor! It is incredibly liberating to be able to have perfect braille translation with mainstream formats, all on one device. Now, the days of pairing to a mobile device or computer are done, and the load of three devices, my computer, my iPad and my Apex has been brought down to one powerful device, the Braillenote Touch! On the subject of documents, I will be taking great advantage of the ability to utilize Google Docs. My school relies heavily on the cloud, particularly the Google Apps suite. Using an android based braille tablet, it is now extremely convenient to use Google Docs while retaining braille format. One of the most exciting software benefits is downloading third-party Android apps! It is liberating to have the same convenience of a notetaker, in one powerful mainstream braille tablet. Another benefit that bridges the gap between assistive technology and mainstream technology is the convenient way to disable Keysoft and have a sighted person use the tablet in case of a problem that would require a sighted person to use it. The upcoming OCR engine will be liberating, as I will be able to get printed materials accessible and read them, all on one powerful device. Last, but certainly not least, the HumanWare Care program and removable internal SD card are excellent ways to make sure that users aren't left without a Touch and user data should a repair to a damaged device have to be done. Overall, the Braillenote Touch has significantly impacted me, and it will only get better as updates come out. The extremely well-made, comprehensive audio tutorial that Kim Loftis from Mystic Access has provided is an excellent way to get to know the device, whether you have it or are considering it. Thank you HumanWare for making the first truly mainstream braille tablet!
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