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Victor Reader Stream 2

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Excellent Product for All Seasons
Review by KylesMom
The Stream (New Generation) is fantastic for work, leisure, even shopping. It aids my legal practice by recording conferences, practicing oral presentation, etc. Its ability to read multiple formats, particularly NLSB books & mags makes it perfect for leisure, long trips, etc. It even comes in handy with my shopping. I can record my shopping list and, thanks to the long-lasting battery & properly positioned headphones, can review it as needed in a store without turning it on or off & then trying to find my place.
PROS: multiple format playback including .doc, music, NLSB; tells current time; can set "custom" sleep timer; extremely compact size & weight so is easily transportable in pocket/purse; headphone access at top so wire isn't easily damaged or snagged; long battery life; good volume; 2 artificial voices for text reading; silicon case; WiFi including NLSB download; UTunes access. Can recharge battery via USB or wall plug.

CONS: Power chord is just a bit short. Being able to attach device to waistband, etc. would be a nice feature..
It really works.
Review by woody
I have been reading talking books since the old record players; never did I imagine a device like this would come along. I personally don’t want to be bothered with learning to use a touch screen. It so much easier to just push a button. Everything about the stream works as advertised. There is a little learning curve, but once you’re through that you’ve got it. I give it 5 stars.
Best thing on the market!
Review by Dottie
I unexpectingly lost my eye-sight 3 years ago, at the age of 70. It changed my life dramatically. Things I took for granted; driving, independence, reading were suddenly gone. I had been an 'avid-reader' and really missed that. By way of my opthomalogist, I learned about Victor Reader Stream. This reader is the best thing that has happened to me!! I truly love it...I can't possibly give the 'Stream' enough good things to say about it. It has become the center of my life and I'd be very lost without it; it goes every-where I go . It has put 'fun' back into my life. Thank you Humanware for your wonderful E-Reader!
This product is the most amazing thing I have ever used in my entire life.
Review by Ethin
This product is the most amazing thing I have ever used in my entire life. With its lovely features, its got all I'd ever need: Bookshare, References, NFB, Internet Radio, and all the other features a normal victor reader stream has, and more. I like its design, its usability, and its ease-of-use. You can connect to the internet, listen to ACB/BBC/OoTunes, NFB news line, Wikipedia/wiktionary references, and bookshare books. All that's left is an internet browser. With that, you could do so much more than just reading books. Post on a forum, search Google, Bing, etc, download files onto the SD Card for further usage on the actual computer, and literally full access to the world wide web. Finally, another thing that would be nice (as an add-on package) would be a developer pack. With the developer pack, you could use the Victor Reader Stream SDK and write add-ons for the stream, add new features that would be good with the VRS new generation, and others. Of course, what you write would have to A) be within suitable guidelines; and B) contain absolutely no malware, viruses, etc.

4 Item(s)

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