Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System

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The Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System has been designed to introduce students to Braille literacy in a fun and inclusive manner.

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Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System

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  • Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System


The Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System have been designed to introduce students to Braille literacy in a fun and inclusive manner. Its versatility as both a teaching and a writing tool makes the Mountbatten the ideal choice for students of all ages, from pre-school children at the very early stages of Braille instruction to high school students looking for an efficient way to produce mathematical equations and other Braille materials.

There are currently 2 different models of the Mountbatten Brailler, please see the Comparison Chart attached.

What's in the box

  • Mountbatten
  • Parallel cable
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Power supply
  • AC cable
  • USB2.0 A-plug – B-plug
  • Braille sample sheet
  • Product warranty
  • User guide
  • Software CD  for transferring files
  • Mountbatten Keyboard guide


With Key features:

  • Develops awareness of Braille symbols and characters by utilising audio response to reinforce which commands are being entered
  • The ergonomic keyboard facilitates literacy activities and spontaneous play for young children, long before they are physically able to use traditional mechanical Braille writers
  • Simple editing functions for correcting and erasing
  • Develops technology concepts and Braille reading and writing as life skills
  • Assists with inclusion and participation. The students work is displayed on the Mimic screen
  • Can be used as a graphics embosser


  • MIMic visual display - an LCD display allows easy supervision by sighted teachers and can store up to 32 pages of Braille
  • MB COMM - Free software for the PC to transfer files between the Mountbatten Braille Learning System and the PC

User Guides, Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and Downloads

We add content to this page all the time, so make sure you visit often!

Mountbatten Brailler User Guides

The most current versions of the User Guides for your MB-LS, MB Pro, MB Writer+ and MB Writer are available on this site.

pdf icon Click on the links to access these files in pdf format.


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Mountbatten Brailler with the Mimic

Braille Magnets

The Mimic is a 20 character by 4 line LCD display that connects to the Mountbatten Brailler. It allows for easy supervision of a student by sighted teachers. The Mimic can store up to 32 pages of braille as text thus allowing for review of work in progress or to check back over previous work.
Battery operated and portable it connects to the Mountbatten via an allocated Mimic Serial port. For further information see the user guide:

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Braille Graphics

Making pictures from the Mountbatten Keyboard

Picture of Braille Graphic flags

In normal Braille, or non-graphics mode, your Mountbatten allows the correct amount of space between Braille characters and between lines of Braille for reading. In Graphics Mode, these spaces are reduced, so that it is possible to make unbroken lines of dots.

The effect of reducing the spacing between characters and lines can be seen in this graphical example. In the first picture of a flag, the normal line-spacing means that the picture has gaps which will make it more difficult to identify. The second picture has had the gaps reduced, and the line of the flagpole is now continuous, while the edges of the flag have smaller gaps.

As soon as your MB-LS is in Graphics Mode, typing at the keyboard can produce an image. The simplest example is a rectangle:

Picture of a Braille Graphic rectangle

This rectangle can be made by typing the following three lines:


p c c c c c c th 
l space space space space space space dots 4 5 6
v - - - - - - number sign

For the rectangle, the PC keyboard keystrokes are:


l space space space space space space _

For more Braille drawings you can type on the Mountbatten keyboard,
click the link to Marie Porter's book: "So What About Drawing?" .

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SET-BC Guides

The SET-BC Lesson Guide and Visual Guide were written by Graham Cook, an Itinerant Teacher for the Visually Impaired, for the Special Education Technology group in British Columbia, Canada.

Graham's work has been instrumental in making the Mountbatten and its users very welcome in integrated classrooms around the globe; we recommend it warmly, and thank Graham for his wonderful work!

Click on the links to read online or download:

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Mountbatten Video Guides

The videos linked below have been made by Steve Barclay of the Aroga Group in Canada. Steve has worked intensively with the Mountbatten and with Mountbatten users for quite a while, and his videos are a great introduction for the new user.

Each link will open a new video in your system's player; the videos are in .wmv format, which can be played in Windows Media Player, MPlayer or any media player that can play this format.

The videos are hosted by Vision Education Alberta in Canada.

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